Covid-19⎮7 Safe Ways to Valet Park

Covid-19 Valet Parking

Face mask

Our valet attendants will be required to wear a face mask in order to protect themselves and our customers during these uncertain times. Once the city officials see that the Covid-19 threat is no more then we will slowly do away with these precautions. 

airing vehicle out

Upon customer arrival our valet attendants will kindly ask the customer to allow their vehicle to ventilate by rolling the windows down. We understand that this might be an inconvenience, but it is just an extra step in the safety precautions we have for both our staff and our valued customers. Covid-19 has made life and all businesses operate in weird ways so we understand any frustration and hope we can work through it together. 

Steering wheel covers

As soon as our guests arrive we will place a new disposable cover on their steering wheel to help mitigate the spread of any potential germs. Our valet attendants will remove it upon delivery of the vehicle. 

single use gloves

All of our valet attendants will use disposable, single use, gloves in order to maintain the integrity of a safe environment. While all of these precautionary measures add time to the valet parking experience we feel that they are necessary for the time being. We hope this will be temporary in the post Covid-19 era. 

disinfecting wipes

Once the valet attendant is ready to deliver car to the customer they will do a thorough wipe down of highly touched surfaces. For example, some of these areas might include the gear shifter, door handles, steering wheel, etc. 

The valet parking experience will be different without question. At Valet Parking Pros we are going to do everything we can to keep our customers safe so they can continue to frequent the places they love. 

This is a learning curve for us as well. Please submit any recommendations to us so that we may consider implementing them for the safety of everyone! 

We are looking forward to serving our customers again soon!