Valet Parking Pros

Jonathan Velarde - president

Jonathan Velarde grew up in Southern California and after graduating high school enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He was selected for the Presidential Support Program and served at The Presidential Retreat Camp David, The White House Communications Agency, and finished his enlistment at The White House.


Jonathan is the co-founder of Parking Pros. He earned his business degree from Pepperdine University in 2022. 

The valet parking business is extremely competitive in California and Jonathan has made it his goal to distinguish Parking Pros from other companies by raising the industry standard. Customer service, safety, and uniformity are all hallmarks of a great valet parking service. The Parking Pros seek to achieve this day in and day out. 


 Jonathan loves to golf, cook, and learn about real estate investing. 

William Velarde in front of a car

william velarde - fl regional manager

William Velarde is a graduate from California State University Channel Islands. His degree was in health science, with intentions of doing clinical work in the field.

 Upon graduating his interest in this field diminished and decided he wanted to go into business with his brother. Business became his new passion. William has been in the parking industry for over 10 years and has plans to expand Parking Pros into the Jacksonville, FL region.

William’s hobbies include golfing, fishing, gardening, cooking Peruvian food, and investing in real estate.

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Megan breen - office manager

Megan Breen is from Frederick, Maryland. She met Jonathan Velarde while he was stationed at Camp David and they moved back to California in 2018. Megan has a profound work ethic and enjoys helping people day in and day out. 


Megan attended the University of Kentucky and loves to ride horses, cook, and workout. She also has an obsession with Golden Retrievers!